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80 Digital Channels
55 High Definition Channels

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Similar to DSL, but capable
of much higher speeds

Always on and more reliable

The same great telephone service you've come to expect from your
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Fiber optic network technology has seen rapid innovations and development in the recent years. Because of these advances, we can deliver much more than just telephone service. The fact that we can sell television and internet over our fiber optic network means that those companies don't have to build expensive infra-structure in your neighborhood, thus the savings are passed on to you!

The network is drastically simp-lified by replacing complicated field access aggregation equipment with passive optical splitters. This eliminates the possibility of service disruption due to extreme weather conditions, power outtages and equipment failure.

Our field equipment does not need power, but to consume our services you will need power at your home or place of business. The optical network terminal we install on your building as well as your computers and televisions need power to operate. We recommend installing battery backups and backup generators.

We've burried fiber optic cables throughout our service area. In your neighborhood or commercial area there are optical splitters that we can connect to demar-cation equipment on your house with optical cables. See the diagram above.

On your home or office, we'll install a device called an "Optical Network Terminal" which converts optical signals into telephone, high speed internet and television services. Any mix of these services can be delivered to your home or business with many exciting future services such as "Video on Demand".